Hope SPRINGS Eternal For The March 2022 Pink Pedals 4 A Cure | Terry’ Ride, In Support Of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


That’s what we’ll be saying on March 5, 2022. We’re thrilled to announce that FUNDRAISING for the 2022 Pink Pedals 4 A Cure | Terry’s Ride, IS NOW UNDERWAY! Al Reszel, 63, will once again step back into the saddle of his bicycle with trademark Pink Pedals, and ride in support of his wife Terry, a breast cancer survivor, and to help find a cure. The 2022 PP4AC ride will take place in the spring of 2022. While the destination is the same, New York City and the global headquarters of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), Al’s solo bicycle ride will take a more southerly route in 2022. Leaving San Diego in early March, Al will travel 5,000-miles across 16 states in a little under 55-days. It all begins in 61-days. PLEASE DONATE TODAY.

Survival is a common thread in this historic and heroic story. Love is the needle and needful thing that weaves the threads together to form a fabric born out of determination, courage, and, commitment. Terry Reszel, a breast cancer survivor, having already written her chapter of sufferance and stoicism, steps back into the multi-faceted role of supporter, comforter and, cheerleader as her husband Al Reszel once again enters the saddle, attempting another herculean cross-country solo bicycle ride to help find a cure. But this time around, Al will start his cross-country journey in the Spring season, a time of new life, new hope, and new beginnings.

Since 2016, Al and Terry have traveled 12,000-mile and raised over $32,000 dollars for breast cancer research. The 2022 Pink Pedals 4 A Cure | Terry’s Ride will look very different and, include a series of firsts.

Previous rides have taken place in the summer months but the 2022 PP4AC ride will take place in the spring, allowing Al and Terry to begin and end the ride before the onslaught of summer searing heat and humidity.

Al will be 63 years of age when he snaps into his pink pedals in March of 2022. What’s the old adAGE … ‘age before beauty’ or in this case … ‘duty before age’. Any way you look at it, Al’s 2022 5,000-mile solo bicycle ride will certainly be one for the ages.

PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TODAY by DONATING to the Pink Pedals 4 A Cure | Terry’s Ride BCRF fundraising page. The 2020 PP4AC fundraising is officially underway. Thank you for your generosity.






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