Hotel Sponsorship


Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Pink Pedals 4 A Cure | Terry’s Ride (PP4AC). My wife Terry and I are engaged in a monumental challenge to create awareness and raise funds for Breast Cancer Research.  On June 3rd, we will begin an epic CROSS-COUNTRY 3,500-mile solo bicycle ride from the Santa Monica Pier in California, to the global headquarters of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in New York City.  As in years past, the primary PP4AC benefactor of our ride is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).  We are blessed to once again have the full support of this tremendous organization.

This year, Terry and I will find ourselves on the road for more than 45 days.  That’s 44+ nights/hotels rooms required to make this ride a reality.  Without a hotel room, we will we have no other option than to camp or sleep in our car at the end of each day.  After a grueling 75-to-90-mile day, trying to sleep in a tent or in our vehicle will most assuredly take a toll.  As you can probably imagine, the physical demands of this kind of ride will impact me greatly.  The heat and humidity alone will wreak havoc on my body.  Securing hotel accommodations ahead of time allows us to push hard for the BCRF each and every day.  Knowing a hotel room awaits us at the end of the day allows Terry and I to take relief in the basic creature comforts of a hotel room; air conditioning, a soft bed to sleep in, a bathtub to ice-down my legs and body, etc.

Hotel sponsors that provide accommodations during the 2018 ride will benefit greatly from various promotional opportunities, afforded to all that participate in our ride.  Promotional/marketing opportunities can be found below:

  • Promotional considerations/mentions on all PP4AC social media marketing asset(s) including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Promotional considerations/mentions on the PP4AC BCRF fundraising page.
  • Brand recognition, links and contact info on the PP4AC website partners page.
  • Public relations, press release mentions.
  • Track The Ride blog annotations and branding considerations.
  • Participation in the promotional post ride partner thank you campaign.

Your generous donation of a hotel room or room(s) will help fund a significant portion of the 2018 PP4AC ride. Your donation of a hotel room will also support individuals and families courageously battling breast cancer and help us raise all important funds for future breast cancer research, to help find a cure.  For more information on becoming a 2018 PP4AC hotel sponsor, please call Lizbeth Reszel at (630) 204 1175.

Thank you for your consideration.  See Terry’s story.
Al & Terry Reszel
Pink Pedals 4 A Cure | Terry’s Ride